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Do you know the feeling, when plain food becomes an extraordinary experience?
This is Apelace21.

Even from ordinary moments spent with food,

we will conjure up a special moment for you. Welcome to Apelace21.

A restaurant you will love as much as we do.

Pribeh apelace

Why Apelace21?

An appellation (apelace in Czech) is a designation of origin for a wine or any other delicacy. It can refer to a territory, a region or a historic homestead. It guarantees not only the place of origin, above all, the quality.

But for foodies, the appellation is much more. It will remind you of the feeling you experienced. The mood of a pleasant evening spent with friends. It will arouse curiosity and appetite for a new culinary experience.

That is why we are Apelace21. We want you to remember what you experienced with us, not just our menu. It goes without saying that you will like the food.

But more important to us is the experience you take with you.

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We made the restaurant
for ourselfs too..

We wanted to make a restaurant for ourselves as well.

We like to come over and we believe that others will join.

The team that met some time ago on the Smetana embankment at the Parnas restaurant in Prague will take care of our shared experiences.

What the guest gets on the plate must simply be first class.

At Apelace21 we want to offer you the best, what we have learned in more than 15 years in gastronomy.

Weekly offer
23.7. - 26.7.

Cold carrot cream with ginger, oranges and yuzu

Fish soup with shrimps and vegetables, baguette with garlic butter


Main courses
Fried boneless chicken leg in panko breadcrumbs, little gem salad, bacon, butter croutons, caesar dressing

Grilled beef curtain, mango salad, cucumber, pak-choie, carrot, honey-mustard dressing


Vegetarian course
Eggplant and zucchini marinated in tomato sauce with fitaki cheese, butter brioche, sweet potato fries, cucumber salad with yogurt and dill


Semolina dumplings with cottage cheese, forest fruit sauce


Special offer

Foie gras crème brulee, fig chutney, apricots and caramelized onions, bread chips, currants



Business lunch 

Two - course menu


Three - course menu


Three-course menu for two, with a bottle of bubbly Crémant , Jean Becker, Alsace

1 720,-

Book a table

If you would like to book a table with us, we will be happy to

when you call us at the number+420 702 211 646,

write to e-mail:, or

fill out the form below and we'll get back to you.


Come to join us for a special event

Beyond the daily care of our customers, we also organize something trully extraordinary from time to time.

Follow our website or social networks regularly so you don't miss out on unique events.


We are preparing a special menus for you, tasting dinners with winemakers or you can meet us at any of our legendary parties.

Skleničky na víno

From Alsace to Bordeaux and back in Appelace21

11/04/2024 from 19:00

We present to you a cross-section of French wines from VínoKINCL, from Alsace, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Try them together with a seven-course menu, which was paired with them by our chef, Jiří Krulich.

Fried oyster in tempura, lemon emulsion, wakame seaweed

Cremant d´Alsace “B” Becker   Extra Brut AOC , Jean Becker, Alsace   


Snails on herbs, truffle cream, caramelized bread

Riesling  Grand Cru  Froehn 2018 , Jean Becker, Alsace


Cod poached in clarified butter, tarragon, dill foam and cream    

Saint Aubin 1er Cru Le Charmois Blanc, 2016, Au Pied du Monte Chauve, Vins Pickard, Burgundy       


Boar cheek bourguignon, baked potato puree, pickled vegetables

Mercurey 1er Cru Clos des Barraults Rouge 2018, Domaine Levert Barault,  Vins Pickard, Burgundy


Smoked duck breast, sour cherries, grape flour brioche, hoisin aioli 

Chateau La Branne Cru Beurgeoise  2018, AOC Médoc, Bordeaux ​     


Grilled beef tenderloin, fried asparagus and egg yolk, Jerusalem artichoke, pickled pepper sauce Chateau du

Gazin 2016 AOC Canon Fronsac, Chateau du Gazin,

Double Magnum, Bordeaux


Duck liver crème brûlée Foie gras, currants

Gewurztraminer Lieu Dit Rimmelsberg 2019, AOC  Alsace, Jean Becker, Alsace ​ ​ ​


Price 3,350,-

We recommend a reservation


The most interesting of the Nebbiolo grape in Apelace21

11/04/2024 from 19:00

We have selected for you the most interesting wines from the VínoKINCL portfolio, based on the Nebbiolo variety. Jiří Krulich paired an unforgettable seven-course menu with these wonderful Nebbiolo, Barbarese and Barolo wines.

Amuse Bouche

Alta Langa Avremo 2019 Mauro Sebaste


Salmon trout, asparagus, bernese sauce, romanesco

Langhe Nebbiolo Ebbio 2019 DOC Fontanafredda Magnum ​


Veal tartar, egg yolk, Burata cheese, pickled mushrooms, sun-dried tomato and basil mayonnaise

Barbaresco 2020 DOCG Moscone


Beef carpaccio, miso, grass, parmesan foam

Barolo  Bussia 2015 DOCG Moscone


Flounder, edamame beans, cauliflower, leek velouté

Barolo Tresuri  2019 DOCG Mauro Sebaste


​ Rib-eye beef, grenaille, shallot, paprika, morel

Barolo Proprieta in Fontanafredda 2015 DOCG


​ Tiramisu, raspberries

Barolo La Rosa 2011 DOCG Fontanafredda ​ ​


Price 3,590,-

We recommend a reservation


The best of Moravia in Apelace21

11/04/2024 from 19:00

Together with Vino Markuzzi, we have prepared for you a selection of the best wines from Moravian winemakers, which Vino Markuzzi exclusively represents, and we have paired them with a five-course luxury menu.

Potato cream, truffle caviar, caramelized bread

Gala, Sekt Blanc de Blanc, Extra Brut


Smoked catfish from an aquaponic farm Fish Garden, pickled cucumbers, butter brioche, dill mayonnaise, egg yolk, kohlrabi sprouts

Reisten, Pinot Blanc, U Božích Muk, late harvest, 2022


Rabbit confit in herb panko breadcrumbs, Jerusalem artichoke mousse, mushrooms

Gala, Cuvée Pálava, 2021


Peeled shoulder of beef, grated potato fondant with mushroom ragout, foie gras cappuccino

Springer, Skale, 2019


Muffins with plum jam and cottage cheese, vanilla cream with lemon

Sůkal, Ryzlink Rýnský, a selection of berries, 2023 ​ ​ ​ ​

Price 2,790,-

We recommend a reservation


Paradiso di Cacuci in Apelace21

6.3. from 19:00

Paradiso di Cacuci is a boutique winery located in a small "corner of paradise" in the northwestern region of Montalcino. He harvests grapes only from his own vineyards, and produces wines that annually achieve the best ratings of Wine Decanter, Wine Enthusiast and James Suckling.

At the degustation dinner you will taste:

Cauliflower mousse with pecorino cheese

Alta Langa Limited Edition Magnum

Fish velouté with tomatoes, vegetables in butter, shrimps,

mussels, king bream

ROsso di Montalcino DOC 2020

Tripe in crispy butter brioche, Salsa Verde

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2019

Deer carpaccio, pickled mushrooms, egg yolk, cranberries

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2018

Grilled pheasant breast, cracklings, pheasant croquette,

gingerbread, raspberries, demi-glace with cognac

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2015

Grilled veal tenderloin steak,

pappardelle with black truffles, sauce with fresh thyme

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2011

Chocolate slice with chestnuts and cottage cheese, apricot sorbet

Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG 2017

Price 3 450

We recommend a reservation


Valentine's menu

14.2. - 17.2.

Come and enjoy Valentine's Day with your significant other and celebrate it together with our unique menu.



Beef tenderloin carpaccio, egg yolk, pickled currants, butter brioche, parmesan chips, smoked beef heart, truffle, cauliflower



Pickled beetroot, fresh cheese, orange, goat cheese, raspberries



Main dish

Sous-vide skinned shoulder of beef, foie gras, Jerusalem artichoke, wild broccoli, roasted pepper sauce



Tuna steak, cauliflower, baby spinach, pomegranate, tarragon sauce




Nougat heart, strawberry sorbet, white chocolate



Mid-holiday in Apelace21

27.12 - 30.12.

New Year's Eve falls on a Sunday this year, so we are not celebrating it this year, but we have prepared something special for the period between the holidays.


Veal carpaccio, parmesan, pine nuts, anchovy aioli, dried cherry tomatoes in basil pesto


Tuna tartare, yuzu, sesame chips, egg yolk, wakame seaweed


Foie gras crème brûlée, cherry gel,



Main course

Aged beef tenderloin steak, Café de Paris butter, Jerusalem artichokes, dust from English bacon,  wild broccoli, potato fondant


Time before Christmas

in Apelace21

 19.12. - 23.12.

Unfortunately, we are closed on Christmas Day this year, but we have prepared a Christmas menu for you, which you can try until 23.12.


Salmon trout fries, pickled cabbage with dill, cottage cheese with herbs, lemon peel and garlic


Snails in herb butter with garlic and white wine, butter brioche, mayonnaise with black truffles



Main course


Veal steak in herb panko breadcrumbs fried in clarified butter, apple salad, ham, peas, carrots and lemon mayonnaise


Husy na trávě

St. Martin's


from 7.11.

You can also experience the traditional St. Martin's goose with us prepared 

modern and with elegance. 


Goose kaldoun, egg yolksnoodles, confit vegetables



Goose Crème Brûlée, sour cherries, onion chutney, goose cracklings


Main dish

Smoked goose breast, potato lox with jam, red cabbage marmalade, apple, thick goose bone sauce


Stuffed rolled goose, edible chestnuts, white and red cabbage, potato wedges with toasted breadcrumbs and onions, thyme sauce



Buns filled with nougat, vanilla cream, apples and pickled raisins in rum



Rottensteiner in Apelace21

25/10/2023 from 19:00

Italian Alto Adige was the main supplier of wines to the imperial court during Austria-Hungary, as the southernmost region.

Come and taste the wines of the Rottensteiner winery from Bolzano, wines that have won many awards. You will enjoy them together with a seven-course menu prepared by Jiří Krulich and his team, and you will have the opportunity to meet Judith Rottensteiner, who will introduce the wines to us personally.

Mussel cappuccino, caramelized bread

Chardonnay DOC 2O21 

Celery confit in clarified butter, marinated beetroot, onion-bread crumble, baked potato mousse, black truffle

Pinot Bianco Cru Carnol DOC 2020 or 2021

Fried smoked catfish, horseradish, pickled apples, mayonnaise made from roasted peppers

Sauvignon DOC 2020

Beetroot, pineapple, yuzu, mascarpone with vanilla

St. Magdalena Premstallerhof DOC 2022

Veal carpaccio, cauliflower, pine nuts, spinach puree, veal broth, parmesan cheese

Pinot Nero Riserva Select DOC 2016

Dane loin, Brussels sprouts, chestnuts, bacon crumbs, red wine caviar

Lagrein Grieser Riserva Select DOC 2018 Magnum

Caramel pear, white chocolatecake, chocolate clay, currant

Gewurztraminer Cresta DOC 2019 Sweet

Price 3 150,-

We recommend a reservation


Moscone in Apelace21

20/9/2023 from 7:00 p.m

Sara Moscone, originally a lawyer, returned to the family winery in Monforte in 2017 to continue with her cousin Marco the tradition started by her great-grandfather Giacinto in 1877.

Come and enjoy genuine Piedmont with the great seven courses of our chef Jiří Krulich.

The wines will be presented to you by Moscone's commercial director, Marco Tessari. 


Giovane Ribelle Brut

Cauliflower cream with lemon, pancetta dust

Roero Arneis  2022  DOCG

Mussels in wine, crayfish velouté, potato dough tartlets

Chardonnay Langhe 2021 DOC

Smoked veal roll, capers, anchovy aioli, butter brioche

Barbera d'Alba 2020 DOC

Beef tartar with black truffles, bread and parmesan chips, roasted pepper mayonnaise

Nebbiolo d'Alba 2019 DOC

Grilled octopus, cannelloni with vegetable ragout and pine nuts, egg yolk cappuccino

Barbaresco 2020 DOCG

Flaked shoulder of beef glazed with red wine reduction, carrot in butter, mushrooms, shallot dust

Barolo  2016 DOCG

Crispy wafer, strawberries, amaretta and mascarpone mousse, vanilla, sea buckthorn sorbet, pistachios

Barolo Bussia 2015 DOCG

Price 3 150,-

We recommend a reservation

100Vini in Apelace21

21/6/2023 from 7:00 p.m

100Vini is a group of boutique Italian wineries proudly headed by Fonanafredda from Piedmont. The heart and brain of the association is the Nestor of the Italian wine trade, a native of Alba, Oscar Farinetti. You can taste a selection of the best from 100Vini together with a seven-course menu by Jiří Krulich.


Vichyssoise of green asparagus and baked potatoes

Alta Langa Limited Edition 2014,
Fontanafredda, Piemonte

Catfish ceviche, cucumber, dill, mustard

Trebbiano d'Abruzzo DOC 2020 Poderi Marchesi Migliorati, Puglia

Carpaccio of Patagonian squid, yuzu, oranges, pomegranate

Chianti Classico "Belriguardo"
DOCG 2020 Certosa di  Belriguardo, Tuscany

Smoked veal roll, fried asparagus, beef heart, roasted pepper sauce

Nero d'Avola DOC 2019 Baglio di Grisi, Sicilia

Grilled fallow deer loin, black kohorseradish, egg yolk, mushroom puree, parsley

Chianti Classico Riserva, DOCG 2016 Colombaio di Cencio, Toscana

Chocolate, elderberry, mascarpone, pickled forest fruits

Barolo Seralunga d'Alba Le Righe, DOCG, 2015, Fontanafredda, Piemonte

Price 3 150,-

We recommend a reservation


Jean Becker in Apelace21

17/5/2023 from 7:00 p.m

The Becker family has been farming their vineyards for 14 generations. Come and taste wines with more than 400 years of tradition, combined with seven courses by Jiří Krulich.

Tarte flambée with Munster cheese and smoked bacon

Cremant d'Alsace "B" de Becker


Marinated tuna, wakame seaweed, miso sauce, fermented radishes

Sylvaner AOC Alsaction2019

Veal tartar, hazelnuts, truffle caviar, pickled cucumber, smoked egg yolk, bread crumble, roasted pepper aioli

Pinot Noir Rosé 2020


Catfish in butter and cumin, zucchini, asparagus, caper and egg yolk sauce

Riesling Hagenschlauf AOC Alsaction2019


Pork loin from brisket in cider, smoked shallots, fava beans, potato ragout with Olomouc cottage cheese

Riesling Grand Cru Mandelberg AOC 2017 
Riesling Grand Cru Froehn AOC  2016

Goose liver crème brûlée

Gewurztraminer AOC Alsevent 2017

Epoisses aged cheese ice cream, currant, pear

Pinot Gris AOC Alsace 2017

Price 3 150,-

We recommend a reservation

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Náš team

Each of us cares about each of you.





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